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The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) is an international governmental organisation which provides the framework for exchanging experience and information among Member Countries

The GECF Statute sets the scene for the forum to support the sovereign rights of its Member Countries over their natural gas resources and their abilities to develop, preserve, and use such resources for the benefit of their peoples, through the exchange of experience, views, information, and coordination in gas-related matters.

In accordance with the Long-Term Strategy, the Vision of the GECF is to make natural gas the pivotal resource for inclusive and sustainable development.

The Mission of the Forum is to shape the energy future as a global advocate of natural gas and a platform for cooperation and dialogue, with the view to support the sovereign rights of Member Countries over their natural gas resources and to contribute to global sustainable development and energy security.

In line with the Vision and the Mission, the Strategic Goals of the GECF are identified as follows:

  • Expand the role of natural gas in sustainable development, in the context of economic, social, and environmental progress;
  • Promote fair value of natural gas;
  • Advance modern technologies in the natural gas industry;
  • Strengthen the international positioning of the GECF as a global platform for energy dialogue.

Ministers of the GECF Member Countries

  • HE Mohamed Arkab, Minister of Energy and Mines, People's Democratic Republic of Algeria 
  • HE Franklin Molina Ortiz, Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energies, Plurinational State of Bolivia 
  • HE Eng. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Arab Republic of Egypt 
  • HE Antonio Oburo Ondo, Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons, Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  • HE Eng. Javad Owji, Minister of Petroleum, Islamic Republic of Iran  *President of the Ministerial Meeting 2024
  • HE Mohamed Mahemed M. Oun, Minister of Oil and Gas, State of Libya
  • HE Rt. Hon. Ekperikpe Ekpo, Minister of State Petroleum Resources-Gas, Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • HE Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, Minister of State for Energy Affairs and Member of the Cabinet, State of Qatar
  • HE Nikolai Shulginov, Minister of Energy, Russian Federation
  • HE the Honourable Stuart Young, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • HE Eng. Suhail Mohamed Faraj Almazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, United Arab Emirates
  • HE Pedro Rafael Tellechea Ruiz, People's Minister of Petroleum, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Ministers of the GECF Observer Countries

  • HE Dr Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, Minister of Mineral Resources, Petroleum and Gas, Angola
  • HE Parviz Shahbazov, Minister of Energy, Republic of Azerbaijan
  • HE Hayan Abdul Ghani, Minister of Oil, Republic of Iraq
  • HE Hon. Mohd Rafizi bin Ramli, Minister of Economy, Federation of Malaysia
  • HE Nani Chrougha, Minister, Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  • HE Carlos Zacarias, Minister of Mineral Resources, and Energy, Republic of Mozambique
  • HE Rómulo Mucho Mamami, Minister of Energy and Mines, Republic of Peru
  • HE Birame Souleye Diop,Minister of energy, petroleum and mines, Republic of Senegal

Executive Board Members

  • Ms Fatiha Neffah, People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
  • Mr Raúl Daniel Mayta Jiménez, Plurinational State of Bolivia
  • Eng. Alaa Adel Hagar, Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Mr Agustin Mba Okomo, Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  • Dr Afshin Javan (Acting), Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Mr Khalid Jerbi, State of Libya
  • Ambassador Nicholas Agbo Ella, Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Sheikh Mishal bin Jabor Al-Thani, State of Qatar *Chairman of the Executive Board for 2024
  • Mr Dmitry Semyonov, Russian Federation
  • Ms Penelope Bradshaw-Niles, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • HE Ahmed Mohamed Alkaabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Eng. Ronny Romero Rodriguez, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Secretary General

The Secretary General is appointed for a period of two years in accordance with the Statute. The current Secretary General is Eng. Mohamed Hamel, who assumed office on 1 Jan 2022.

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