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Annual Short-Term Gas Market Report

The GECF Annual Short-Term Gas Market Report (ASTGMR) is an annual report providing short- term views on natural gas and LNG industry worldwide. 

The Report sheds light on different aspects of the gas industry (macroeconomics, natural gas supply, rig counts, natural gas demand, shipping activities, storage, natural gas and LNG trade as well as prices), while highlighting the main risks and challenges that the gas industry is facing today, with an analysis of the influencing factors on the gas industry and the driving forces for growth or decay observed on the market. 

Further, the Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the developments in the gas and LNG industry over the past two years, with a special focus on the current year and highlights on the short-term outlook with an identification of potential opportunities and challenges that should be considered by gas producers.

Online View 

2020 Edition of the GECF Annual Short-Term Gas Market Report

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