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Publications, Research and Papers

The GECF market monitoring consists of regular analytical articles and working papers on important factors affecting the gas market, including and not limited to competing fuels, energy policies impacting natural gas supply and demand, gas prices and pricing, transportation and storage.

EEFD Papers:

1- Renewables Cost Development 2015

2- Germany Power Price Components

3- Egypt gas balance evolution in the medium-long term

4- UAE Gas Exports-Imports Balance

5- Environmental and Energy Policies and CO2 Emissions

6- The Impact of Climate Change on the Global Energy and Gas Market

7- The role of natural gas in the global climate agenda 

GMAD Papers:

1- Major Highlights on Underground Gas Storage in Europe

2- LNG Market Report-1Q 2016

3- Major Highlights of the LNG Shipping Industry

4- Unconventional Gas in Argentina Short-term Assessment Report

5- Unconventional Gas Supply..Short-term Assessment Report

6- Cost Curve Analyses of Natural GAS Production

7- Impact of ENSO Phenomena on Gas Demand-Brazilian Case

8- Unconventional Gas Production on Global Gas Supply

9- Forecasting Natural Gas Demand in the Short-term  

10- Report LNG in Asia: Overview Traditional and Emerging Markets

11- Non-GECF LNG Supply |  New LNG Supply from Australia and the U.S.: Challenges to Market Entry

12- Oil and Gas Price Review

13- Relationship between Natural Gas and Crude Oil Prices in the World Regional Gas Markets

14- Review of New Major Gas Pipeline Projects

15- New LNG shipping capacity: its adequacy with the sharp increase in liquefaction capacity and impact on the LNG trade

16- Unconventional Gas Production Its Impact on Global and Regional Gas Supply

17- Feature Articles, Short Term Perspective 2018 

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