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Joint Organisations Data Initiative

The 14th Ministerial Meeting of International Energy Forum, 17 May 2014, Moscow, Russian Federation

The Joint Organisations Data Initiative is an international collaboration to improve the availability and reliability of data on petroleum (JODI-Oil) and natural gas (JODI-Gas). The GECF became an official partner of JODI-Gas at the 14th International Energy Forum Ministerial Meeting in Moscow in 2014, guided by the member countries' vision of reliable and transparent energy data for informed decision-making.

JODI-Gas strives to improve data reliability and transparency, which has the potential to mitigate price volatility, increase investor confidence, and eventually contribute to the stability of energy markets worldwide.

The currently eight JODI-Gas partner organisations combine their efforts to improve the availability and reliability of gas data.

They are:  Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat), GECF, International Energy Agency (IEA), International Energy Forum (IEF), Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD). 

The JODI-Gas partners, representing both energy producing and consuming countries, work together with the stakeholders of the industry value chain, as well as with national administrations of more than 100 countries, to establish monthly gas data reporting and dissemination mechanisms. 

Through the use of official national data, which can be difficult to access through alternative avenues, the partners shape a comprehensive and accessible database of energy statistics and offer a transparent view of oil and gas production, consumption, and trade on a monthly basis.

The 6th Meeting of Heads of JODI Partner Organisations, 10 April 2018, New Delhi, Republic of India

The JODI-Gas partners regularly organise high-level meetings of heads of organisations, inter-secretariat meetings, information sessions, specialised training, workshops, seminars and exhibitions. These events are typically aimed at providing a platform for discussions among the leaders and experts, facilitating cooperation in the areas of mutual interest, improving the transparency and information exchange systems, as well as contributing to the overall improvement of data supply across the energy sector.

JODI Inter-Secretariat Meeting, 26-27 March 2019, Vienna, Republic of Austria

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