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Annual Statistical Bulletin

Based mainly on primary sources from member countries, the GECF Annual Statistical Bulletin (ASB) is a data flagship of the GECF. The ASB contributes to the international positioning of the Forum and is a global reference for Natural Gas Data.

GECF Secretariat, in close cooperation with the Special Envoys for Data & Statistics (SEDAS) from GECF Countries, produces the GECF ASB. The book, released annually, comprises sections from macroeconomics to gas data and on to individual countries’ data.

The GECF ASB data adds authenticity of GECF analysis and further enhances the credibility of GECF.

Recent version:

GECF ASB 2023 Cover

All ASB Releases:

ASB 2023 | ASB 2022 | ASB 2021 | ASB 2020 | ASB 2019 | ASB 2018 | ASB 2017
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