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World Gas Conference 2018

 Washington DC, USA

2018 Gas Expo Logo & Link

The World Gas Conference is the largest and most high-profile global gas conference and exhibition.

From June 25-29, 2018, Washington DC is expected to host 12,000 attendees, 500 speakers, 350 exhibitors, representing more than 600 companies from 100 countries.

Presented by the International Gas Union, WGC has 85 years of experience of bringing the gas industry together. 

It creates unrivalled business and learning opportunities, and promises great return-on-investment.The 12,000+ attendees of the gas industry are made up of policy makers, influential leaders, buyers and sellers, industry and technical experts, customers, NGOs, media, members of the financial community, and others.

For further information :
Amy Jordan  +44 20 7978 0019 or visit

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