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Secretary General of IPU meets with GECF Secretary General

 Doha, Qatar

GECF Secretary General Dr Sentyurin met with IPU Secretary General Mr. Martin Chungong last week in parallel with the 140th Assembly of the Interparliamentary Union (IPU) which took place in Doha from April 6 to 10.

Dr Sentyurin along with other GECF delegates attended several sessions organized as part of the assembly. The event also provided the opportunity for Dr Sentyurin to meet with other officials such as delegations from the Republic of Liberia and the chairman of the Russian state Duma.

The IPU is an organization made up of national parliaments from around the globe that tries to build global democracy through political dialogue and concrete action. The meeting follows earlier talks between HE Secretary General IPU President Ms. Gabriela Cuevas Barron.

Dr Sentyurin expressed his understanding of the important role parliamentarians play at a global level and especially when thinking of energy security, an issue closely related to the GECF. The Secretary General pointed out that it is exactly because of parliamentarians putting legislation in to practice across the world that energy can be supplied in the first place.

A clear area of common concern is the  UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which are not only at the core of the IPU, but are also an integral part of the GECF’s activities, and specifically SDG 7, the right of access to energy for all. 

The meeting was attended by HE Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima,the Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons of GECF Member Country Equatorial Guinea. 

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Secretary General of IPU meets with GECF Secretary General  Doha, Qatar
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