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Rosneft and GECF Secretariat hold talks at GECF Headquarters


Mr. Yury Kalinin and Ms. Elena Zavaleeva, vice-presidents of leading Russian oil and gas company Rosneft, visited the GECF Headquarters as part of the delegation’s visit to Doha. Joining them was Mr. Murad Bagliev, General Director of Rosneft’s International Center for Research and Development, a representative office of the company at Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) and a division of Rosneft’s Corporate Research Engineering Division (CRED).

While at the GECF Headquarters, the delegation briefed the Secretariat on Rosneft’s research and engineering activities and the various business lines of the company regionally.

In turn, His Excellency GECF Secretary General informed the delegation of the Forum’s strategic objectives, current activities and a number of initiatives that are in the pipeline. Special attention was paid to the GECF Gas Research Institute (GRI) project, which is in the last stages of being established now.

Rosneft’s CRED  is a key unit in making scientific and technical decisions across Rosneft’s business areas, and possesses vast experience, based on a unique specialization in innovation technologies. Such research and technologies are of interest to the GECF and gathering knowledge about the same is in line with the accomplishment of the Forum’s priority objectives, as set out by the GECF member countries. 

Based on inherent common interests, the discussion was aimed at paving the way for closer involvement of Rosneft in the GRI project’s implementation, as well as possible a contribution to be done through Rosneft’s researching capacities.

As for the variety of activities the company is developing in Doha, the Rosneft authorities particularly stressed the humanitarian focus, including cultural activities and sports, to raise awareness about Russian mentality and traditions internationally. An example of this is the Russian avant-garde art exhibition, which is supported by Rosneft as a general sponsor and features 81 works by 24 of the most influential and significant figures in the history of Russian art. The exhibition was held at the Doha Fire Station earlier this month in the framework of the Qatar-Russia Year of Culture. Another example is its sponsorship to a show dedicated to the martial art of Sambo (self-defence without weapon) show and a ballet performance, both very representative of Russian culture. The world-renowned Russian martial art of Sambo made its Qatar debut in Qatar with the ‘Sambo Russian Martial Art Sport Day’ event, which was attended by His Highness Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad al-Thani, the Personal Representative of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, International Sambo Federation president Mr. Vasily Shestakov, other Qatari and Russian dignitaries and the GECF representatives. 

Dr. Sentyurin mentioned that within the GECF secretariat a similar focus exists on sports and well-being in general, as became apparent through its participation in Qatar National Sport Day and the Forum’s dedication to climate change initiatives. 

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Rosneft and GECF Secretariat hold talks at GECF Headquarters  Doha
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