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President of Inter-Parliamentary Union meets with Secretary General


Ms. Gabriela Cuevas Barron, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) ,met with HE Dr. Sentyurin at the GECF’s Headquarters in Doha. Ms. Cuevas Barron has been involved in Mexican politics from a very young age and has held several political posts in her home country. She is currently a Senator for Mexico. In October 2017, she was elected President of the IPU, as the first female from the Americas. 

The Inter-Parliamentary Union is a unique organization made up of national parliaments from around the world. It aims to protect and build global democracy through political dialogue and concrete action. It currently consists of 178 Member Parliaments and 12 Associate Members. The Inter-Parliamentary Union works closely with the United Nations and other partner organizations.

The 140th Assembly of the IPU, will take place in Doha, Qatar, on 6-10 April 2019. All IPU statutory bodies, including the Governing Council, Standing Committees, Committees on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians and on Middle East Questions, as well as the Forum of Women Parliamentarians and the Forum of Young MPs, will meet on this occasion. 

Considering this next IPU Assembly will be held in Doha, it was a good opportunity for both organizations to meet. The encounter was aimed at exchanging information between both organizations around the potential contributions of legislators of the GECF’s member countries to the IPU. They also discussed GECF Member Countries’ plans to develop their natural gas resources in favor of their esteemed and valued consumers, the security of supply and demand as well as matters related to energy stability.

As a result of the meeting, both parties agreed to intensify and continue contacts going forward.

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President of Inter-Parliamentary Union meets with Secretary General  Doha
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