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Launch of the GECF Annual Statistical Bulletin 2019

 Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

The GECF Secretariat launched the third release of its Annual Statistical Bulletin, the 2019 edition, during the 5th GECF Summit held on 29 November 2019 in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

The GECF Annual Statistical Bulletin (ASB) is the data flagship publication of the Secretariat, a yearly publication that provides the latest annual Natural Gas data and Macroeconomic performances up to the year 2018 for GECF Members and Observers with a global picture of the World.

It is a unique leading publication that delivers Data of the Gas Value Chain segments, with reliable Natural Gas Data originated from primary, trustable and official governmental sources from the twelve GECF Member Countries: Algeria, Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.

The GECF ASB has become a reference for Natural Gas Market Analysis, Development and Research perspectives, Academia focus and concerns, and for Policy making-decision as well, aiming to be a tool to enhance the worldwide Data Transparency process and contribute significantly in the global mechanism of Natural Gas Markets Security of Supply and Demand.

With the conviction of ‘Gas Defines the GECF and Data Lead the way’, the GECF ASB 2019 is the real accomplishment of the sustainable commitments and exchange of experiences between the GECF Secretariat and the Special Envoys for Data and Statistics (SEDAS) of GECF Member Countries -  a truly team endeavor.

As new features, the third edition of GECF ASB presents a full set of Data reflecting GECF Member Countries’ performance in the global Natural Gas scene along the period of the last ten years 2009-2018, as well as the short term view through monthly Data of 2018.

Fast facts from the GECF ASB 2019:

1.    The evolution of GECF Natural Gas Gross Production in the last ten years from 2009 to 2018 was marked by a growing trend. In 2018, GECF Natural Gross Production reached 2139.96 Billion Cubic Metres (Bcm) increasing by more than 36% compared to 2009 levels. 

2.    GECF Exports has recorded a significant steady increase on year-on-year evolution along the period of the last ten years, notably for LNG Exports. Compared to 2009, the total GECF LNG Exports increased significantly by 71% in 2018 to set at 235.85 Bcm. In parallel, the GECF Pipelines Exports has been marked with a growth of 35% to set at 454 Bcm in 2018. 

3.    The same trend was also recorded for GECF Domestic Consumption of Natural Gas, which set in 2018 at 1064.88 Bcm surpassing the levels of 2009 by 30%.

To visualize the publication please follow this link GECF ASB 2019 

The GECF ASB 2019 is also available for download by using the following link:

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Launch of the GECF Annual Statistical Bulletin 2019  Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
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