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HE Secretary General Visits SONATRACH Headquarters

 Algiers, Algeria

As part of his visit to the Sonatrach offices in Algiers, His Excellency Secretary General Dr Sentyurin met with Sonatrach Chief Executive Officer Abdelmounem Ould Kaddour.

A critical component of the Forum’s strategic goals is to develop a shared understanding of market conditions through permanent cooperation and dialogue between energy market stakeholders. An obviously crucial constituent of those stakeholders are producers of natural gas. The dialogue with gas producing entities is necessary not only to understand the issues they are facing, but also to exchange views and best practices so this information can be used more effectively by the Forum in its bid to establish common views on the development of global gas markets.

Algeria is Africa’s leading natural gas producer and SONATRACH its flagship energy company. As Africa’s biggest oil and gas producer, SONATRACH has the ambition to become one of the top five leading national oil companies in the energy industry globally. This aspiration is part of the company’s SH2030 strategy, based on operational excellence and innovation.

A prime example of this innovation drive is the corporation’s Digital Innovation Center within SONATRACH’s head office in Algiers. This remarkable award-winning institute houses 5 different labs focusing on digital innovation in the energy sector, which HE Secretary General had the unique opportunity to take a tour of during his visit.

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HE Secretary General Visits SONATRACH Headquarters  Algiers, Algeria
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