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GECF Workshop on Data and Statistics

 Moscow, Russian Federation

The fourth Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) Workshop on Data and Statistics outside of the GECF headquarters took place on October 4, 2019 in Moscow, Russian Federation, as part of the events and meetings organized by GECF on the sidelines of its 21st Ministerial Meeting.

With the purpose of enhancing collaboration among GECF Member Countries through data reporting, collection, and exchange, the workshop gathered representatives involved in the national data collection and reporting process of the Russian Federation.

The gathering is the result of the cooperation between the GECF and the Federal State Statistics Service (ROSSTAT), the Russian Energy Agency (REA) and the Skolkovo Energy Center. Representatives from the organisations delivered presentations related to the current state of affairs in Russia’s Natural Gas Industry, the Federal State Information System (SIS FEC) and the Gas Data Gathering Process of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service.

GECF Secretary General HE Dr. Yury Sentyurin officially opened the workshop. The rest of the GECF delegation – made up of Dr. Mona Shokripour, Energy Statistician and Dr. Roberto Arenas Lara, Head of the GECF Data and Information Services Department - served as facilitators for the sessions.

The participants also discussed the Monthly and Annual Questionnaires, GECF processes of data gathering and processing, data enhancement, and the expansion of data collection.

The GECF delegates expressed their appreciation to the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation for their hospitality and excellent arrangements made for the successful organization of the workshop.

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GECF Workshop on Data and Statistics  Moscow, Russian Federation
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