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GECF Takes Part in CWC’s 11th Asia Pacific Gas & LNG Summit


Gas Exporting Countries Forum participated in the 11th Asia Pacific Gas & LNG Summit hosted by CWC, which was held in Singapore from June 26-28, 2019. The GECF was represented by Mr. Adrian Sookhan, Gas Market Analyst at the GECF’s Gas Market Analysis Department (GMAD), where he participated in a panel discussion on The Growing Importance of Asian Markets to Global LNG Demand Growth alongside participants from H-Energy, Diamond Gas International, Eni, CNPC and King and Spalding Taro. He presented the GECF’s views on the global outlook for natural gas with a focus on the importance of the Asian market; global LNG demand growth and key challenges facing natural gas producers and consumers.

Mr. Sookhan highlighted the importance of natural gas in sustainable development, which was supported by the G20 Energy Ministers in 2019, as well as the current and future role of the GECF in supplying natural gas to Asia and the impact of LNG contract expirations in Asia on the global LNG trade. In this context, he mentioned several pipeline and LNG export projects either planned or already being constructed in GECF Member Countries, which are well placed to meet the growing Asian natural gas demand.

Photo Credit: CWC Group

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GECF Takes Part in CWC’s 11th Asia Pacific Gas & LNG Summit  Singapore
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