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GECF Takes Part in 2019 Angola Oil & Gas Conference

 Luanda, Angola

From June 4-6, the 2019 Angola Oil & Gas 2019 conference was held in Luanda, Angola.

HE João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, President of the Republic of Angola, delivered the keynote speech at the opening of the conference.

The GECF took an active part in the conference and shared its views on the future development of Angola’s and Africa’s gas industry during the panel discussion on the New Approaches to Angola’s Oil and Gas Industry: Gas Monetization and Downstream Diversification. The GECF was represented by Aydar Shakirov, Gas Transportation and Storage Analyst at the GECF’s Gas Market Analysis Department, who addressed the relevant issues together alongside other panelists representing Angola's National Oil and Gas Agency, Sonagas, Sahara Energy International, Puma Energy, and Sovereign Energy Group. 

The GECF delegate zoomed in on several aspects of gas monetization, including the increased use of gas in power generation, the development of the nitrogen fertilizer industry and the expansion of LNG capacity in Africa in general and in Angola in particular. In this context, he mentioned some relevant ongoing projects in GECF member countries and stressed that there are great untapped opportunities for gas monetization in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

Additional coverage and interview: (34'55" - 38'12")

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GECF Takes Part in 2019 Angola Oil & Gas Conference  Luanda, Angola
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