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GECF Secretary General Speaks at Russia-EU Gas Conference in Berlin

 Berlin, Germany

GECF Secretary General Dr. Sentyurin was invited to speak at the international conference on Prospects for Russia-EU Energy Cooporation. Gas Aspects, organized by the Russian Gas Society in Berlin last week.

HE Dr. Sentyurin delivered a presentation as part of a plenary opening session on the Changes of the European Gas Landscape 2019-2020. Challenges and expectations, moderated by Mr. Pavel Zavalnyi, President of the Russian Gas Society and Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy.

Among other participants were Klaus Ernst, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy for the German Bundestag, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Anatoly Yanovsky and Elena Burmistrova, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Director General of Gazprom Export. 

In his address, Dr. Sentyurin stated that according to the latest edition of the GECF Global Gas Outlook (GGO 2018), the share of natural gas in the continent’s energy mix is set to rise from its current 23% to 26% by 2040 - even when Europe is projected to experience a gradual decline in its overall energy, due to energy conservation measures and energy efficiency improvements. He mentioned that natural gas will be the only hydrocarbon resource to increase its share, at an average pace of 0.3% per year.

The GECF Secretary General continued to say that, in line with the growing share of renewables, natural gas is an essential element to achieving a lower carbon energy system. And while the demand for the resource is set to rise in Europe, it is the only region with a projected decline in natural gas production, falling to about 130 bcm by 2040 - which is less than half of 2010 production volumes.

Combined, GECF member countries control over 70% of the world’s proven gas reserves. Historically, they have played an important role in supplying gas to Europe and are able to ensure a reliable and secure long-term supply, Dr Sentyurin stated.  According to the GGO2018, 80% of the European gas consumption will be sourced by GECF Countries by 2040.

In his concluding remarks, HE Secretary General said that relationships between consumers and suppliers need to be built around balanced, long-term mutual interests in order to guarantee the stable evolution of the gas sector and foster sustainable development. He stated that the GECF promotes a multilateral dialogue, and underlined the importance of this dialogue in improving the shared understanding of energy policies to unlock the full potential of natural gas as the fuel of choice.

The plenary session was followed by a press conference and panel discussions gathering high-ranking representatives from leading energy companies, academia, and energy institutes.

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GECF Secretary General Speaks at Russia-EU Gas Conference in Berlin  Berlin, Germany
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