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GECF Secretary General meets with Director of UNESCO office for the GCC and Yemen

 Doha, Qatar

Earlier this week, Dr. Sentyurin met with Dr. Anna Paolini, Director of UNESCO’s Doha Office and UNESCO Representative in the Arab States of the Gulf and Yemen. The meeting took place at UNESCO’s offices in Doha.

As for both parties the preservation of the environment is high on the agenda, there are clear grounds for further collaboration going forward. The GECF, as a longtime advocate for natural gas as an environmentally resource, is in the final stages of launching its Climate Initiative. Dr. Paolini indicated that from their side, UNESCO is involved in several areas of eco-preservation and it was suggested it might be mutually beneficial for both entities could collaborate on environment-related research relevant to GECF member states. The recently founded GECF Gas Research Institute in Algeria was suggested as a potential channel to conduct such research. Proposed research thematic ranged from produced water from oil and gas exploration and production process, to the long-term environmental impact of the gas industry on the marine environment and wider climate change.

A number of other ideas for further collaboration were discussed, such as the GECF’s participation in a discussion panel in celebration of the International Day for Women and Girls in Science as well as the potential for joint lectures.

Both entities expressed the will to take the conversations to the next level.

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GECF Secretary General meets with Director of UNESCO office for the GCC and Yemen  Doha, Qatar
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