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GECF Participates in Workshop on LNG Trade Facilitation

 Taipei, Chinese Taipei

The GECF was invited by APEC to participate to the workshop on LNG Trade Facilitation held in Taipei, Chinese Taipei, on 6th and 7th December 2018.

APEC economies represent some of the largest global buyers and producers of LNG and have a common interest in facilitating its efficient distribution - one of the underpinnings of regional energy security.

The GECF was represented by Mrs. Kenna Bravo, Gas Market Analyst for the Forum’s Gas Market Analysis Department (GMAD). During the two day workshop, Mrs. Bravo delivered a presentation on “The Global LNG Trade Challenges and Opportunities: a GECF Perspective” and participated in the panel discussion “What are the major trends in future global/APEC LNG trade?”

The presentation was based on internal research related to new LNG developments and the importance of GECF supply to this region. She emphasized the role of the GECF in supporting the stability of economies through its reliable and sustainable LNG supplies to the global market and particularly to APEC economies- with the key message that natural gas is the fuel of choice for sustainable development.

The APEC workshop on LNG Trade Facilitation provided a platform for a deeper dialogue on policies, regulatory frameworks and market mechanisms related to the Asia-Pacific’s LNG development; as well as trade facilitation among current and future LNG suppliers and consumers of the region.

The conference was attended by delegates, representatives of regional government bodies, LNG importing companies, research institutes and utility companies.

In the future, the GECF - being a reliable and key supplier of LNG to the above mentioned economies - plans to build bridges through more participation in workshops, ministerial meetings and dialogues among the players in APEC, reflecting the determination of the Forum to further enlarge cooperation and collaboration with APEC economies. Such cooperation and dialogue is enshrined in the GECF’s Statutes and Long-Term Strategy.

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GECF Participates in Workshop on LNG Trade Facilitation  Taipei, Chinese Taipei
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