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GECF Participates in Natural Gas Day 2019


On June 12th, the events under the Japanese G20 Presidency kicked off with Natural Gas Day 2019. Parallel to the G20 Summit meeting, which will be held in late-June, various ministerial meetings are to be held throughout Japan. During its G20 Presidency, the Japanese government advocates for increased investment in energy efficiency, innovation and clean energy technologies in order to achieve sustainable, low-carbon growth and development.

Natural Gas Day was held within the framework of the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth and was mainly aimed at paving the way for natural gas to play a prominent role in ensuring an economically and environmentally sustainable energy future. The event was organized by GECF peers and long-term partners - the International Gas Union and the Japan Gas Association. 

GECF Secretary General Dr. Yury Sentyurin was invited to participate in the morning session Securing Transparency, Competitiveness and Enhancing Security of the Gas Market in Asia, which was inaugurated by Dr. Joo-Myung Kang, President of the International Gas Union and moderated by the Chairman of The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Mr. Nobuo Tanaka. 

Apart from HE GECF Secretary General, the session was attended by representatives from the International Energy Agency (IEA); the International Energy Forum (IEF); the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Japan Oil; the Gas and Metals National Corporation; Novatek; Shell Energy; Cheniere Marketing Ltd.; Beijing Gas Group; JERA; Korea Gas Corporation and others. The participants debated on the means and tools to secure the ever-so-crucial balance of supply and demand.

In his intervention, the Secretary General highlighted the GECF’s priorities – to increase predictability, transparency, confidence and trust about the energy markets. This is to be achieved through explaining motives, goals and strategies, coordinating governmental policies, scientifically proving advantages of natural gas as the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel, improving research capacity and increasing the accuracy of outlooks and forecasts.

Dr. Sentyurin stressed the intent to build a strategic dialogue on the basis of the strategic objectives outlined in the GECF Long-Term Strategy and the GECF Summits declarations. He also expressed his hope that this multilateral dialogue would help to improve w shared understanding of energy policies to unlock the full potential of natural gas as the fuel of choice, while encouraging cooperation and creating an atmosphere of trust and respect between the actors.

Addressing the audience, Dr. Sentyurin explored the unique role of GECF Member Countries as reliable suppliers, able to readily meet growing global energy needs. He stated that jointly, the Forum’s Member Countries control 70% of proven gas reserves, 45% of its production, 64% of pipeline and 54% of liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports across the globe.

‘Improving the image of the natural gas industry where it comes to the environment and promoting climate initiatives are some of the organization’s priorities,’ Dr. Sentyurin stated ‘and I would like to invite all parties involved to continue the positive dialogue to build intergovernmental and interdisciplinary bridges towards a sustainable future.’

In conclusion to his statement, he invited the audience to consider their participation in the Forum’s flagship event – the 2nd International Gas Seminar, which is to be held back-to-back with the 5th GECF Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea on November 26-29 of this year. 

On June 15, the GECF Secretary General is to advocate the assumption that natural gas will prove to be a key element to achieving a lower carbon energy system at the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth in Japanese city of Karuizawa.

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GECF Participates in Natural Gas Day 2019  Tokyo
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