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GECF Participates in LNGgc Asia 2019


The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) took part in LNGgc Asia, which is part of the LNG Global Congress series. The events bring together key LNG market players including resource holders, LNG producers and exporters, government officials, operators and service companies to network and to exchange information and experiences.

This year, LNGgc Asia 2019 was held in Singapore on 27-28 February 2019.  The 2019 edition covered a range of aspects making up the LNG market, including emerging regional demand, global supply and trade, developments of pricing mechanisms, contractual frameworks, small scale LNG and bunkering development, as well as growing hubs, market liquidity, flexibility, and stability.

Representing the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), Dr. Kamran Oskoui, Market Research Analyst for the GECF’s Gas Market Analysis Department, addressed the audience with a presentation on The role of market stability in sustainable gas and LNG supply. He discussed the evolution of gas and LNG Markets and emphasized the role of long-term contracts in ensuring market stability as well as investment in gas and LNG projects. He also explained that uncertainties on natural gas demand and difficulties on project financing are among the major challenges faced by gas and LNG producers and exporters.

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GECF Participates in LNGgc Asia 2019  Singapore
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