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GECF participates in Future Energy Asia Exhibition and Summit

 Doha, Qatar

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) took part in the Future Energy Asia Strategic Conference, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 20-22 July 2022.

Future Energy Asia is billed as the leading energy transition and transformation exhibition and summit of South East Asian region. It brought together natural gas, LNG, power and renewable energy leaders from around the world, who engaged in strategic dialogues to shape the energy transition and transformation of ASEAN countries.

Dr Kamran Oskoui, Market Research Analyst at GECF’s Gas Market Analysis Department represented the Forum and participated in a Global Leaders Panel: New Applications for LNG-to-Power, Small-Scale LNG Solutions and LNG Bunkering in Southeast Asia.

He discussed the prospects of LNG-to-power, small sale LNG solution and LNG bunkering projects in the ASEAN region. The GECF official explained various challenges facing these prospects, including market volatility, insufficient policy support and risks that have hampered some of the projects. Dr Oskoui emphasised that these projects should be supported by governments, with a legal framework to share the risk among stockholders. He suggested that long-term contracts could provide a degree of stability for some of the delayed projects

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GECF participates in Future Energy Asia Exhibition and Summit  Doha, Qatar
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