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GECF organises webinars on data and statistics for Russian and Bolivian experts

 Doha, Qatar

As a part of the Secretariat’s efforts to enhance the GECF Data Exchange Mechanism (DEM) and the promotion of Global Data Transparency, the GECF organised a series of webinars on data and statistics for experts of the Russian Federation on 24 Aug., and for the Plurinational State of Bolivia on 26 Aug. 2020.

The sessions, with a focus on the participation of Russia and Bolivia in the GECF DEM, addressed the use of GECF Data Exchange Centre (DEC) System and the global energy data transparency initiative, JODI-Gas. The topics of strengthening data gathering processes, data quality measures, and the available range of digital tools and channels for promotion of value chain indicators were also discussed during the webinars. 

The GECF DEM was created in order to fulfil Article 1 and Article 3-B of the GECF Statute, which emphasise on the exchange of data information among the GECF Member Countries. This regular process has been implemented through Monthly and Annual Data Reporting, as well as through the regular data dissemination and organisation of events. Meanwhile, JODI (Joint Organisations Data Initiative) is an international effort that addresses the lack of data transparency in oil and gas markets by releasing on a monthly basis, through the JODI World Oil Database and JODI World Gas Database, comprehensive data series for all products, flows, and countries. 

In the opening remarks, Dr Roberto Arenas Lara, Head of Data and Information Services Department (DISD) of the GECF, highlighted the importance of such type of events to boost the collaboration and data exchange between the GECF Member Countries and the Secretariat. Other presenters from the GECF were Eng. Amira Remadna, Energy Data Analyst, Dr Mona Shokripour, Energy Statistician, and Dr Rixio Morales, Senior ICT Analyst.

In her presentation, Eng. Remadna walked through the different milestones achieved by the GECF through the contributions of DISD in the JODI-Gas Initiative and highlighted the importance of enhanced cooperation and collective efforts among the GECF Member Countries in order to reach higher objectives within the global Energy Transparency framework. 

The GECF DEM, Units and Conversion Factors, and the GECF DEM Quality Report were introduced by Dr Shokripour, who presented the specifics about the monthly, quarterly and annual quality-check processes, related quality indices, and best practices. She underlined the importance of enhancing the GECF DEM by improving sustainable and high-quality data to have a reliable and validated source in gas-related data for the GECF Member Countries. 

The GECF DEC, which is its official electronic tool for data exchange, was introduced by Dr Morales who gave practical examples by highlighting the ease of access, the exclusive information sets, and analytics tools made available from the Secretariat to the Member Countries’ representatives. Additional information tools such as the GECF Mobile App and the GECF Daily News brief services were also stressed as valuable assets to the GECF Member Countries. 

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GECF organises webinars on data and statistics for Russian and Bolivian experts  Doha, Qatar
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  2. 26   GECF DISD Bolivia
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