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GECF joins Nigerian International Petroleum Summit 2019

 Abuja, Nigeria

The GECF participated in the Nigerian International Petroleum Summit 2019, which took place from January 28-30 in Abuja.

Dr. Roberto Arenas Lara, Head of the Data and Information Services Department, addressed the audience during the opening ceremony and thanked Nigerian authorities for the invitation to the prestigious event. He stressed the continued support of the Forum with these activities, in order to strengthen the collaboration among Member Countries.

Mr. Mohamed Arafat, Databank Analyst, and Dr. Mona Shokripour, Energy Statistician completed the GECF delegation.

This event, an African Petroleum Technology and Business Conference, is a government-endorsed gathering where principal decision makers from the public and private sectors exchange innovative ideas, creating the platform for Nigeria to help galvanize Africa’s response to global Oil and Gas Challenges.(*)


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GECF joins Nigerian International Petroleum Summit 2019  Abuja, Nigeria
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