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GECF Holds Meetings on Global Gas Outlook in London

 London, United Kingdom

A team from the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) held a number of meetings in London with partner organizations regarding its flagship publication the Global Gas Outlook (GGO). The Forum was represented by Mr. Dmitry Sokolov, Head of Energy Economics and Forecasting Department (EEFD), and Mr. Hussein Moghaddam, EEFD Senior Energy Forecast Analyst.

The first meeting - with the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) - was held on September 11, with Dr. James Henderson, OIES Director of Natural Gas Programme. The OIES is a leading independent energy research institute, specializing in advanced research, dedicated to economics and politics of international energy across oil, gas and electricity markets. The meeting was aimed at exchanging information about the recent development of gas markets, as well as to discuss future collaborative activities between the GECF and the OIES. In 2018 the OIES provided an extensive peer review of the GECF Global Gas Outlook. 

A workshop was also held by the GECF team at IHS Markit on September 12, dedicated to the GECF Global Gas Model. The IHS Markit team was represented by Mr. Andrew Ellis; Mr. Nick Thomson, Oil and Gas Supply Analyst and Ms. Cintia Gavay; Global Energy Analytics. The workshop contributed to the effective exchange of views on recent economic projections and macro projections; energy and gas in supply, demand and trade developments; historical and forecast data update – aimed at supporting the publication of the 2019 GECF Global Gas Outlook.

The 2019 edition of the GECF Global Gas Outlook will provide modelled long-term energy projections, based on assumptions regarding macroeconomics, energy prices and current energy policies of 133 countries that are going to occur over the 2050 forecast horizon.

Another meeting of the GECF team was held with Ms. Anne-Sophie Corbeau, Head of Gas Analysis at BP, on September 13. The parties exchanged views on natural gas market developments, future threats, and gas demand in the industry and transport sector. In addition to that, future cooperation on energy and gas outlooks were discussed.

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GECF Holds Meetings on Global Gas Outlook in London  London, United Kingdom
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