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GECF Gas Value Chain in Figures: Retrospective view over the last five years

 Doha, Qatar

Amira Remadna. Energy Data Analyst  | GECF | Data and Information Services Department

Here are presented in brief some key figures summarizing the evolution of GECF Gas Value chain components over the last five years. The Upstream, is reflected in GECF Proven Gas Reserves, Gross and Marketed Gas Production. The Midstream is highlighted through GECF Pipelines Transportation and LNG Exports data. Finally, the Downstream is reviewed through GECF Domestic Gas Consumption trend. 

As per the first edition of the GECF Annual Statistical Bulletin released in 2017, GECF Member Countries Proven Gas Reserves totaled a volume of 141.4 Trillion cubic metres by the end of 2016.

Graph I

The evolution of GECF Gas Value Chain segments over the last five years, within the period 2012-2016, as visualized in Graph 1, had presented globally an upward trend. Indeed, the total members’ Gross Gas Production shows over this period an average growth rate of approximately +1% per annum, setting the total GECF gas produced volume at an average of 2036.1 Billion cubic metres (Bcm). Within this time interval, GECF Marketed Gas Production recorded an average of 1635.3 Bcm per year generating thus a year-to-year average growth rate of +1.5%.

In terms of Gas Exports, GECF total pipelines and LNG exports reached over the same period an average volume of 667.9 Bcm per year generating thus an annual growth rate average of +0.7%.  Explicitly, pipelines and LNG exports settled respectively at 454 Bcm and 213.9 Bcm per year, representing each a share within the total GECF gas exports of 68% and 32% respectively. The five years period 2012-2016, registered an average annual growth rate of +1.6% in terms of pipelines exports whereas LNG exports had shown on average a slight fall of 1.2% per year.  The breakdown of the corresponding exported volumes is highlighted in Graph 2. Domestically, GECF Gas Consumption set at a total average volume of 973.4 Bcm translating therefore an average growth rate of almost 2% each year. 
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