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GECF and Indonesia commit to deepen ties

 Doha, Qatar

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), the global platform of the leading gas producing nations, and a high-ranking delegation of the gas-rich Republic of Indonesia, headed by HE Arifin Tasrif, the Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources reviewed their ongoing proactive dialogue and paved the way for enhanced cooperation, during a virtual meeting held recently.

As a prominent player in the global energy market, Indonesia played a significant role as a founding member of the GECF, which is today a consortium of 20 nations that works to advance the worldwide use of natural gas while upholding nations’ sovereign rights. 

“Indonesia’s pivotal role in the early stages of setting up of the Forum and our strong relations that flourished in subsequent years boast immense potential if unlocked further for the benefit of both sides,” said the GECF Secretary General HE Yury Sentyurin. 

Giving a presentation to the HE Arifin Tasrif, Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources on the work and vision of the Forum, HE Sentyurin recalled his recent visit to Indonesia during which he inaugurated the 1st GECF-ERIA (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia) Workshop on Energy and Natural Gas Outlooks in advancement of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations. During the official visit, a meeting with the high-level delegation of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and ASEAN Secretary General HE Dato Lim Jock Hoi also took place. 

Secretary General Sentyurin stressed that the GECF family has always treasured and developed strategic cooperative ties with Indonesia. He reiterated the Forum’s commitment to strengthening consolidation, particularly at a time of economic downturn and energy market volatility, and invited Indonesia to join the ranks of the GECF. 

“At a time when the Forum has successfully stepped into the second decade of its journey, the GECF Community is keen on deepening our special relation with Indonesia, in having the country as a member of the family, so we can enjoy mutually beneficial engagement as well as your prudent leadership.” 

Earlier in July 2020, HE Arifin participated in the 2nd edition of GECF-ERIA workshop on ‘The Role of Natural Gas Towards Greening Society in ASEAN and East Asia’, held via videoconference. His keynote address underlined the priority Indonesia is attaching to the use of natural gas by investing in programmes such as Gas Price for Industry, Conversion of Diesels to Natural Gas for Power Plant Use, Development of Gas Pipeline Infrastructure, and City Gas, to name a few. 

“In 2019, gas for domestic market reached 66%. Natural gas being a source of clean energy can now be prioritised to meet the domestic use. By optimising natural gas utilisation, Indonesia would have a future target that will enable natural gas to take 22% of its share in the energy mix by 2025 and 24% by 2050. Natural gas will become the future of clean energy together with renewable energy,” HE Arifin had noted, while inviting the GECF and other stakeholders to support the development of Indonesian gas industry. 

“We recognise the important information and studies that the GECF provides on global gas market. In Indonesia, gas consumption is increasing continuously and we are exerting every effort to develop more resources based on the potential here. This is why it is crucial for us to cooperate with the experts in the gas business and we are evaluating the invitation of the GECF to become its member,” said HE Arifin. 

Concluding the talks, the sides reiterated commitment to facilitate interactions and agreed on a variety of practical steps: implementation of regular data and information exchange channels, closer cooperation within the framework of the G20 activities, regular consultations as regards to issues on energy and natural gas markets, and mutual engagement in events.

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GECF and Indonesia commit to deepen ties  Doha, Qatar
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