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Congratulations on Occasion of the Qatar National Day


The Gas Exporting Countries Forum Secretariat extends sincere congratulations to the leadership  and community of the State of Qatar on occasion of the country's National Day.

Occasion like this provide the nation with an incredible opportunity to renew the sense of pride in their country and appreciate the progress being made in their economic and social development, while solidifying their confidence in the future as Qatar strives to achieve its National Vision 2030.

Despite challenging times, the State of Qatar has remained resilient and under visionary leadership continues to build on already laid foundation, thereby ensuring Qatar's uninterrupted growth and contribution as a reliable and viable member of the international community.

Qatar is a founding Member of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum. It also hosts the Headquarters of the Organization, just as it has continued to contribute to the Forum's activities, aimed at supporting the sovereign rights of its Member Countries over their natural gas resources and their abilities to develop and use such resources for the benefit of their peoples. 

In carrying out these responsibilities, the GECF has been ably supported by the State of Qatar. This is a demonstration of the commitment of the country to international cooperation and dialogue for the shared values and common goals. These are virtues and actions worth highlighting as they further add to the pride and essence of the National Day celebration.

It is our wish that the State of Qatar continues to grow from strength to strength and face prosperity and success ahead. 

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Congratulations on Occasion of the Qatar National Day  Doha
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