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6th edition of Annual Statistical Bulletin makes its debut


The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) has launched the latest edition of its annual flagship publication on data, the Annual Statistical Bulletin (ASB). 

Apart from the traditional chapters detailing member countries’ gas reserves and key natural gas value chain indicators and infrastructure, new in this edition of ASB is statistical data from the GECF’s latest member Mozambique, historical market-share of the GECF in the last decade, and a referential extract of the most relevant gas market prices within the last five years.

The sixth ASB is published to coincide with the 24th GECF Ministerial Meeting in Cairo, Egypt on 25 October 2022. 

HE Eng. Mohamed Hamel, Secretary General of the GECF, praised the efforts of the member countries’ data and statistics teams and the GECF Secretariat team. 

The ASB is the manifestation of the GECF Data Exchange Mechanism, one of the foundational principles of the Forum, which was created, amongst other factors, to foster data transparency and information sharing amongst the Forum members. 

Data remains supreme at the GECF. The Forum is also part of JODI (Joint Organization Data Initiative), where it contributes to energy data transparency. 

To visualise the publication please follow this link GECF ASB 2022 

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6th edition of Annual Statistical Bulletin makes its debut  
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