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4th Gas Research Institute Scientific Committee Meeting Kicks-Off the 5th GECF Gas Summit Chain of Events

 Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

On November 25th, the fourth meeting of the GECF Gas Research Institute Scientific Committee (GRI-SC) kicked-off the chain of events, complementing the 5ht Gas Summit of Heads of State and Government of GECF Member Countries in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. The host country representative, Mr. Santiago Edu Ela Andemewas was elected as the Ad-Hoc Chairman of the meeting and contributed greatly to the event flow.

In his opening remarks HE Dr. Yury Sentyurin, GECF Secretary General, has hailed the tremendous efforts made so far on the implementation of the GRI and highlighted milestone achievement of the GRI Constitutive Act adoption at the 21st Ministerial Meeting in Moscow, Russian Federation.

Recalling the 3rd gathering outcomes, the members of GRI-SC continued with the GRI Rules and Procedures deliberations. Embraced by thoughtful positions coordinating the lively discussion paved the way for the finalized version of the document to be agreed on, and well-prepared for further submission for the GECF Executive Board consideration.

The subsequent item of the Meeting agenda pertaining the Terms of Reference for the GRI projects has opened a window for pushing forward the projects’ implementation. The GECF Secretariat presented the results of compilation of the proposed terms and reference, received from the Member Countries. The continuous debates upon the score were followed by the common decision to agree on the submitted template of the Terms of Reference. In the development of this subject, the terms of references for one of the 3 projects recently selected for implementation at the initial stage, were review and agreed on.

In order to introduce the microseismic sounding method and its benefits for gas field exploration in terms of considerable cost reduction of the drilling phase, the floor was given to the Instisute Hydroproject representative Sergey Machekhin, attending the GRI-SC Meeting as a part of the Russian delegation. The presentation triggered lively discussion and increased interest from the Algerian and Iranian delegations’ side.

At the conclusion, the meeting participants agreed to further enhance working contacts, reviewed and approved the Summary of Discussions and allocated the venue for its next meeting – Tehran, Iran in February 2020.

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4th Gas Research Institute Scientific Committee Meeting Kicks-Off the 5th GECF Gas Summit Chain of Events  Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
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