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3rd GRI Scientific Comittee Meeting

 Moscow, Russian Federation

On September 30th, the second meeting of the Gas Research Institute Scientific Committee (GRI-SC) of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) took place in Moscow.

The meeting was opened with remarks from HE GECF Secretary General Dr. Sentyurin followed by a presentation by the Secretariat on the scoring received by Member Countries for each of the proposed projects.

The GRI-SC ranked the top 5 GRI projects based on this score and further narrowed it down to 3 projects that will be carried out. A preliminary roadmap was also agreed on.

The committee reviewed and approved the Summary of Discussions and allocated the venue for its next meeting.

The Gas Research Institute is an instrument to strengthen and improve the analysis, technology transfer, training, research and development of the gas industry through cooperation and coordination among GECF Member Countries.

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3rd GRI Scientific Comittee Meeting  Moscow, Russian Federation
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