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2nd GECF Workshop on Methane Emissions Reduction Practices and Measurement held


The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) hosted the second edition of its workshop on ‘Methane emissions reduction practices and measurement’ for its member countries. 

The well-attended workshop, with nearly 100 participants, offered an opportunity to discuss global methane reduction efforts and explore the mechanisms to reduce methane emissions in the natural gas value chain. Furthermore, the workshop featured a discussion between the GECF member countries’ representatives on priority areas for future research on methane emissions reduction. 

In his opening remarks, HE Eng. Mohamed Hamel, Secretary General of the GECF, underscored that the oil and gas industry emissions account for less than the total methane emissions. However, it can eliminate the majority of its methane emissions, as most of these abatement projects could be made commercially viable.

“The GECF member countries have been taking action to reduce methane emissions from their production, transport and gas liquefaction activities. The majority of them have included gas flaring and/or methane emissions reduction in their nationally determined contributions.”

Among the guest speakers, Mr Harvey Johnstone, Environment Director at International Association of Oil and Gas Producers, shared a global perspective on the challenges of managing methane in the industry, while Mr Ahmad Hassan Kafood, Onshore Facilities Manager at QatarEnergy, delivered a case study on QatarEnergy’s methane emissions reduction journey. 

Following this, Prof Arvind Ravikumar, from the University of Texas at Austin, illustrated various approaches to measurement and the scientific gap in measuring methane emissions. 

Furthermore, Ms Marwa Hassan, Emissions Product Manager at Schlumberger, highlighted the role of digital technologies in reducing methane emissions, and Mr Ewan McKenzie, Climate Director at IPIECA, presented flare management guidance that the oil and gas association has produced for its members. 

The event’s moderator, Mr Mustafa Amer, Research Assistant at the GECF, presented Methane Emissions in the IPCC WG III report and AR6 dataset. 

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2nd GECF Workshop on Methane Emissions Reduction Practices and Measurement held  
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