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2021 edition of Annual Short Term Gas Market Report unveiled

 Doha, Qatar

The GECF is pleased to unveil the second edition of the Annual Short Term Gas Market Report (ASTGMR) titled “Road to Recovery from COVID-19 and Transition to a Carbon Neutral World: Dawn of a New Era for Natural Gas”. 

One of the Forum's flagships deliverables provides a comprehensive analysis of the gas industry developments for the period 2020 - September 2021, as well as the short-term prospects until the end of 2022. The main topics covered include global economy, energy policies, natural gas supply, demand, and trade, natural gas prices and carbon mitigation strategies. The combination of these sectors defines the evolving architecture of the natural gas market.

The GECF remains optimistic about the future of the gas industry, based on inherent attributes of the source, its important role in ensuring energy security, meanwhile achieving the right balance between post-COVID-19 economic and social requirements and environmental constrains. 

The evidence and data-based key messages from the ASTGMR 2021 are as follows:

Natural gas was, is and will remain the most realistic option to attain the energy transition and spur economic growth and social progress.

Oil-indexed prices have proven its stability and competitiveness over spot prices and is favoured as the best pricing mechanism. 

GECF Member Countries are committed to their long-term partnerships with buyers across the globe, for the sustainable supply of natural gas. 

Long-term natural gas contracts are the best mechanism to ensure security of supply and avoid potential energy crises.

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2021 edition of Annual Short Term Gas Market Report unveiled  Doha, Qatar
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