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1st GECF international Seminar

 Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The inaugural edition of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), international seminar will take place on November 22 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

The seminar which will hold on the sideline of the Forum’s 4th Summit of Heads of States and Governments will have as its theme, Natural Gas: The Fuel of Choice for Sustainable Development. This will give participants which will include Ministers of Energy of GECF Member Countries, CEOS of International and National Oil Companies, Heads of International Organizations, Academics, gas industry analysts and the media a unique opportunity to exchange ideas on the place of gas in the future energy mix.

Discussions will focus on a range of topics that include the short and long term prospects of the gas market outlook; security of demand and supply with focus on Latin America and the role and contribution of gas to clean environment and sustainable development goals.
The growing demand for energy and economic development, and the concern towards the mitigation of the carbon content of the economy guarantees natural gas as the fuel of choice for the coming decades. In this regard, GECF as the largest exporter of natural gas is confident that natural gas is the fuel of choice for sustainable development and answer to the 21st century sustainable development challenges.

Trusting its capabilities, capacities, resilience and long experience, therefore, GECF will continue to ensure that the world has a clean, safe, reliable and trusted energy source in natural gas.
Other activities that will take place on the sidelines of the Summit which will hold on November 24 include a Special Roundtable on Bolivia and the JODI-Gas meeting for Latin America.

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