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12th Scientific Committee Meeting of Gas Research Institute

 Doha, Qatar

The 12th meeting of the Gas Research Institute (GRI) Scientific Committee was held on 20 September 2022 via videoconference.

The meeting witnessed the participation of Member Countries Algeria, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Libya, Qatar, Russia, and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Azerbaijan from Observer Countries. The meeting was chaired by Ms Lamiaa Abo Shahba, Committee Member from Egypt, and attended by Mr Azzedine Adjeb, Director of GRI.  

In his opening address, HE Eng. Mohamed Hamel, Secretary General of the GECF, acknowledged the participants for their dedicated work in the previous 11 meetings and invited them to continue the spirit of collaboration to bring GRI to life. He also thanked them for the successful organisation of the first-ever GRI event held a day earlier, a “Workshop on Flared Gas Recovery and Monetisation”, and encouraged the Scientific Committee to organise further events on similar topics of interest to Member Countries. 

“Your role as Scientific Committee in helping leverage Member Countries’ experiences and resources in the Gas Research Institute cannot be overstated,” said HE Hamel. 

Chairperson Ms Abo Shahba highlighted the importance of the adoption of new technologies in the gas industry and their alignment with the current international strategic direction. 

Subsequently, the Scientific Committee took up agenda matters, including the GECF message on gas flaring for the COP 27 and the status of the three approved GRI projects, among other items. 

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12th Scientific Committee Meeting of Gas Research Institute  Doha, Qatar
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