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11th Ministerial Meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum

 Doha, Qatar

One of the main conclusions of the 11th meeting of the GECF Ministers in Qatar was to hold the 1st Gas Summit of the Forum in 2011 in Doha and the creation of a High Level Ad Hoc Group to prepare this event.

Furthermore, the 11th Ministerial Meeting agreed on the creation of a Steering Committee to study the Evolution of the gas market and the outcomes of the global gas model; followed up the status of the studies requested on important aspects of the gas industry. 

Additionally, they overviewed the latest developments in the international gas market and their impact on the Member countries; discussed the most effective ways and means of enhancing cooperation among the members of the Forum as a prerequisite for developing a stable and transparent gas market; expressed concern about the current gas prices threatening investments in new fields and gas infrastructures; stressed that the gas prices should reflect the parity with oil considering the advantages of natural gas; made reference to the European Union’s plans to introduce new gas-market related legislation, and confirmed the authorities of the GECF for the following year (Egypt as President of the Ministerial Meeting and Trinidad and Tobago as Alternate President; the respective Trinidadian and Egyptian EB Members as Chairman and Alternate Chairman of the Executive Board).

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11th Ministerial Meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum  Doha, Qatar
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