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10th GECF Workshop on Data and Statistics

 Doha, Qatar

The GECF Secretariat hosted the 10th GECF Workshop on Data and Statistics (GWDS), that took place on March 11th 2019.

Special Envoys for Data and Statistics (SEDAS) and delegates from Member Countries attended to this regular event with the purpose of enhancing the collaboration among GECF Member Countries through data reporting, collection and exchange.

This year, the discussions were enriched by Dr. Andres Schuschny, Director of Studies, Projects and Information of the Latin American Energy Organization, OLADE, who was received by the Secretariat for this event as an international guest.

Several presentations were delivered by GECF and SEDAS attendees alike, emphasizing the importance of SEDAS' work in relation to Secretariat’s activities, reaffirming the slogan "Gas defines GECF, Data leads the way".

The participants discussed the Monthly and Annual Questionnaires, the processes of data gathering, processing, enhancement, and the expansion of data collection, amongst other relevant topics.

The workshops in GECF Member Countries is a practice that will continue throughout 2019.   

Event Gallery

10th GECF Workshop on Data and Statistics  Doha, Qatar
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