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QatarQatar Member

The State of Qatar is located on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Saudi Arabia to the west. It is approximately 160 km long and 50-80 km wide with a total land area of 11,610 km2. The south of the country is dominated by sand dunes.

Qatar is an emirate, headed by HH Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, who appoints his council of ministers. Qatar has a 35-seat Advisory Council that acts as a legislature. The Minister of State for Energy Affairs, Member of the Cabinet, President and CEO of QatarEnergy is HE Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi.

Qatar has a population of 2,781,677 people, with expatriates forming the majority of Qatar’s residents – nearly three-quarters of the population. Arabic is the official language. The currency is Qatari Riyal.

Qatar holds the world’s third largest natural gas reserves and is the largest supplier of liquefied natural gas in the world. Qatar’s proven natural gas reserves stand at approximately 25 trillion m3. Qatar commands almost 14 percent of world’s total natural gas reserves and is the third largest in the world, after Russia and Iran. The majority of Qatar’s natural gas is located in the massive offshore North Field, which spans on an area roughly equivalent to Qatar itself. In year 2010, Qatar celebrated achieving 77 mtpa LNG production capacity.

Qatar is also a significant net exporter of oil. The GECF Headquarters are located in Doha, Qatar.

Photo: Doha (including GECF Headquarters)

Major Indicators

Land ( 11,610
Population (inhabitants) 2,781,677
Capital Doha
Continent Middle East
Language(s) Arabic (official), English
National currency Qatari Rial
Time Zone GMT+3
Labor force (inhabitants) 2,080,808
GDP (current billion US$) 192.01
GDP per capita (current US$) 69,026.47
GDP growth (percentage) 1.43
Exports of Goods and Services (current billion US$) NA
Proven natural gas reserves (billion c.m.) 23,846
Natural gas marketed production (billion c.m.) 170.04
Pipeline exports (billion c.m.) 22.36
LNG exports (billion c.m.) 104.41
Domestic natural gas consumption (billion c.m.) 40.95


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