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Peru - Republic of PeruPeru - Republic of Peru Observer

Republic of Peru is the 3rd largest country in South America, located in its central and western part, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Peru borders with Ecuador and Colombia to the north, with Chile to the south and with Brazil and Bolivia to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The area of the country includes Pacific islands and the Lake Titicaca’s Western Islands.

Peru has sovereign right over a territory stretching 200 marine miles off its Pacific shores and is a Consulting Party to the Antarctic Treaty, a continent where it has installed Machu Picchu Scientific Base.

Major Indicators

Land ( 1,285,220
Population (inhabitants) 34,049,588
Capital Lima
Continent South America
Language(s) Spanish (official), Quechua, Aymara
National currency Peruvian Sol
Time Zone GMT-5
Labor force (inhabitants) 18,156,333
GDP (current billion US$) 242.6315496
GDP per capita (current US$) 7,125.8292351
GDP growth (percentage) 2.6838714348
Exports of Goods and Services (current billion US$) 71.13405426
Proven natural gas reserves (billion c.m.) 237.00
Natural gas marketed production (billion c.m.) 13.66
LNG exports (billion c.m.) 4.25
Domestic natural gas consumption (billion c.m.) 9.41

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