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Angola - Republic of AngolaAngola - Republic of Angola Observer

Angola is one of the largest countries in Africa and one of the region’s richest states in terms of natural resources.

The majority of the territory of the sub-Saharan Africa’s 3rd largest economy is desert or savannah with hardwood forests in the northeast of the country.

The country has become the 2nd largest crude oil producer in Africa since 2016.

Increasing access to electric power is a high priority for the government of Angola, which has set targets of 10 gigawatts of installed generation capacity and a 60% electrification rate by 2025.

Major Indicators

Land ( 1,246,700
Population (inhabitants) 35,588,987
Capital Luanda
Continent Africa
Language(s) Portuguese (official)
National currency Angolan Kwanza
Time Zone GMT+1
Labor force (inhabitants) 15,042,938
GDP (current billion US$) 106.71
GDP per capita (current US$) 2,998.50
GDP growth (percentage) 3.05
Exports of Goods and Services (current billion US$) 27.66
Proven natural gas reserves (billion c.m.) 129.00
Natural gas marketed production (billion c.m.) 5.39
LNG exports (billion c.m.) 4.17
Domestic natural gas consumption (billion c.m.) 0.85

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