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GECF Tenders

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) Secretariat purchases goods, materials, equipment, rights, works, services, etc. from prequalified Tenderers on a sound and equitable basis, in accordance with applicable laws, the requirements of the Forum’s internal documents, the highest ethical standards of business and service conduct and with regard for the total cost of ownership and benefit realization.

GECF Tenders

Active Tenders
Tender Name Confirmation of ParticipationSubmission of Tender
DISD/CT/2022/0015 - Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Servers and related hardware.
Invitation to Tender:
GECF ICT Infrastructure Upgrade 2022 (pdf Download)
17.Nov.2022 30.Nov.2022

Tender Policy

The GECF Secretariat endorses the competitive bid process as its preferred method of selecting Contractors. The following contracting principles apply to the acquisition of all goods, materials, equipment, rights, works, services, etc. by the Forum:

  • Maintain an “open door” policy with free and ready access for Tenderers and Contractors;
  • Do not engage in fraudulent practices (including accepting gifts or benefits from a Contractor or Tenderer and participating with such persons in entertainment of either an unusual nature, or that might be perceived as influencing the Forum’s purchasing behavior);
  • Do not engage in fraudulent practices, which include the unauthorized disclosure of information acquired in confidence during the procurement process;
  • Provide equal opportunity to all qualified Tenderers to compete for available business;
  • Concentrate business with Contractors who demonstrate a commitment to continuous quality improvement to their goods, materials and services.

Major Steps

Tender process by the GECF Secretariat involves the following steps:

  • Prequalification of Tenderers where appropriate;
  • Invitation to tender and issuance of tender documents;
  • Receipt and evaluation of tenders;
  • Contract award;
  • Notification.
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