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Internal Auditor

Head of DISD


The purpose, authority, and responsibility of the Internal Audit activity are defined in the Internal Audit Charter, consistent with the definition of the Internal Audit, Code of Ethics, and the Standards. The Internal Audit activity should provide GECF's Executive Board, the Secretariat, and its management with independent confirmation of the effectiveness of the control environment. It helps management achieve operational effectiveness and efficiency, comply with laws and regulations, and maintain financial integrity. It can analyse fraud and other loss incidents and provide advice on how to analyse and resolve risk and control issues.


The Internal Auditor performs independent and objective assurance and consulting services to add value and improve the operations of the Forum by assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes in compliance with the Internal Audit Charter, Manual, and the IIA standards.

The Internal Audit Office is currently headed by Mr. Marwan Alarousi 

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