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Secretary General Office


The Secretary General Office (SGO) is an executive office that provides efficient and confidential support and administrative services to the Secretary General to discharge his/her responsibilities, including its long-term planning and day-to-day operations.

Working with internal and external stakeholders, the SGO collaborates with the Member Countries, Observers, International Organisations and Institutes, and the Diplomatic Corps in the Host Country and responds to their queries efficiently. The SGO, as a communication channel, creates a positive image for the organisation locally and internationally.

Internally, the SGO liaises closely and regularly with the other departments and offices to contribute towards overall coherence and coordination of work and direction of effort in the Secretariat.


The Head of the SGO is responsible for overseeing and managing the SGO’s daily operations, providing effective and comprehensive support to the Secretary General, and maintaining efficient office procedures to ensure the smooth operations of the SGO. 

The SGO Head plans, organises, and coordinates with other departments and offices the implementation of the decisions of the Secretary General and GECF’s Governing Bodies.

The SGO Head preserves and strengthens effective relations with all stakeholders, including Member Countries, Observers, Dialogue Partners, the Host Country (State of Qatar), prospective countries, and the Diplomatic Corps.

The Secretary General Office is currently headed by Mr. Ali Amirani.

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