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Energy Economics and Forecasting Department

Head of EEFDMission

The Energy Economics and Forecasting Department (EEFD) is responsible for monitoring, analysing and forecasting medium- to long-term energy developments. In particular, EEFD undertakes in-depth studies on demand and supply of energy and natural gas markets and industry; develops modelling tools and conducts model-based studies; prepares the annual GECF Global Gas Outlook; contributes to elaborating the GECF Long-Term Strategy; monitors and reports on economic, energy, trade, environmental and fiscal policy developments; and analyses technology progress from an economic perspective. The EEFD also cooperates with the other Secretariat structures to undertake joint activities required to fulfil the objectives of the GECF and/or to support Member Countries, in particular in communication, energy dialogue and multilateral negotiations.


Under the general supervision of the Secretary General, the EEFD Head will ensure that the EEFD’s Objective is successfully achieved. To this end, the Department Head shall plan, organise, coordinate, manage and evaluate the work of EEFD; prepare its 5-year work plan, annual work programme, budget and report; contribute to the recruitment, performance evaluation and development of the staff; and participate towards achieving the communication objectives of the GECF.

The Energy Economics and Forecasting Department is currently headed by Dr. Mohammad Amin Naderian.

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