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Energy Economics and Forecasting Department

Mission: The GECF Energy Economics and Forecasting Department (EEFD) is responsible for developing views on the gas market development by projecting supply and demand figures into the future to obtain better understanding of the mid- and long-term gas sector trends and providing quantitative assessment of the impact of policies, regulations, investments and commercial decisions, thorough analysis and utilization of specialized energy and gas forecasting models.

Role: The Department Head is responsible for supervising long-term gas market Outlook development process based on various scenario assumptions, GECF Global Gas Model (GGM) runs and regular updates of the data and constraints of GGM, as well as  development of econometrical long and medium term forecasting sub-model related to macroeconomics  and  energy sector to complement GECF GGM. The Energy Economics and Forecasting Department is currently headed temporarily (Acting Head) by Dr. Hussein Moghaddam

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