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Administration and Finance Department

Head of AFD


The Administration and Finance Department (AFD) is responsible for all financial matters and financial-control functions of the Secretariat ensuring the organisation's financial integrity as stipulated in the GECF Financial Regulations. It also has the responsibility to develop and apply effective human resources management policies to enable the Secretariat to carry out its functions effectively with competent and motivated staff. Additionally, the AFD is responsible for providing services related to the GECF headquarters such as procurement, office supplies, travel arrangements, and logistics for the optimum functioning of the Secretariat.


The AFD Head plans, organises, coordinates, manages and evaluates the work of the Department in accordance with the programme of work and budget of the Secretariat in achieving its overall objectives. The role covers responsibilities of policies development, management of human resources, and setting up and managing the Secretariat's annual budget. The Department Head leads and manages the Department staff, ensures a high level of performance and productivity by supporting, guiding, motivating, and developing staff. The Department Head is also responsible for preparing the annual financial statement and the budget execution report, as well as supervising the external audit process.

The Administration and Finance Department is currently headed by Mr. Buhari Abdullahi.

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