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Governing and Specialised Bodies

The Ministerial Meeting

Ministerial Meetings

This gathering of high-level governmental energy representatives is the supreme authority of the Forum. The Ministerial Meeting formulates the general policy of the Forum and determines the best methods and means of implementation; appoint the Secretary General, the Chairman and Alternate Chairman of the Executive Board; decides on GECF membership applications, and approves the Programme of Work and Budget of the Forum.

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The Executive Board

GECF Executive Board

The Executive Board is tasked with: Directing the management of the affairs of the Forum; Implementing the decisions of the Ministerial Meetings; and approving the programme of work of the Secretariat, in accordance with the GECF Statute.

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Technical and Economic Council

Technical and Economic Council

The Technical and Economic Council (TEC) is a new, permanent specialized body of the GECF. It is composed of Member Countries’ national representatives appointed by the Ministers, supported by technical staff and experts of the respective GECF Member Countries. The main objective of this technical body is to provide a framework for active and effective interaction and discussion on the technical and economic matters, share the views of the GECF Member Countries on technical and economic activities, and review the technical and economic research work undertaken by the Secretariat and required by the GECF Governing Bodies.

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Special Envoy for Data and Statistics

Special Envoy for Data and Statistics

The Special Envoys for Data & Statistics (SEDAS) is a permanent technical body whose representatives are appointed by the member countries' Ministers. It was established to serve as the focal point for data and statistics between the Secretariat and member countries, and promotes the sustainability of the GCEF Data Exchange Mechanism by gathering, consolidating, processing, and analysing data used in the elaboration of in-house studies, reports, and publications.

The GECF Data Exchange Mechanism emanates from the spirit of Article 3 of the GECF Statute, which encourages member countries to promote the GECF's objectives through the exchange of experience, views, information, and coordination. 

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