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Long-Term Strategy

The GECF Long-Term Strategy provides a blueprint for a shared course of action for GECF member countries. 

The Strategy reflects the common interests of GECF member countries, defines the vision and mission of the GECF, and sets forth its strategic goals and priority objectives. 

The Strategy takes into account the importance of natural gas to the global economy, the multi-faceted changes that affect global gas market, and the challenges and opportunities that exist in the expansion of natural gas demand. 

The second edition of the GECF Long-Term Strategy was approved by the 24th GECF Ministerial Meeting in Cairo, Egypt on 25 October 2022, during the tenure of Secretary General Eng. Mohamed Hamel. 

The previous Long-Term Strategy was approved by the 19th GECF Ministerial Meeting in Moscow, Russia in October 2017. 

GECF Long-Term Strategy

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