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Code of Conduct

The GECF Code of Conduct consists of a set of guiding principles for GECF Staff when carrying out their professional activities. It demonstrates the Secretariat's stance on its core values of integrity, professionalism, accountability, and respect for diversity.

The Code sets out the obligations of Staff relating to their conduct and behaviour. It also supports the right of Staff to work in an environment free from inappropriate behaviour and misconduct.

The Code aims to promote safety, ensure respect for people, protect Staff, project a positive image of the GECF, and finally, guarantee the effectiveness and integrity of the organisation's work.

The first edition of the GECF Code of Conduct was approved by the 24th GECF Ministerial Meeting in Cairo, Egypt on 25 October 2022, during the tenure of Secretary General Eng. Mohamed Hamel.

GECF Code of Conduct

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