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GECF Careers


General Information:

The Secretariat of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) is located in the city of Doha, State of Qatar.

At the core of GECF's success is a dynamic group of professionals from 12 countries who bring a wealth of experience in fields ranging from research, economics, environmental science, energy studies, engineering, analytics, and finance.

Comprising individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and expertise, the GECF staff demonstrate high standards of efficiency, competence, and integrity. Our diverse and talented team is united by a shared commitment to promoting international collaboration and fostering a positive change.

English is the official language of the Forum, and knowledge of Arabic is advantageous for support staff positions.

Doha skyline


While the majority of positions are reserved for nationals of GECF Member Countries, the GECF also provides some employment opportunities for candidates from non-member countries. In such cases, extensive work experience in the State of Qatar is an advantage.

The Secretariat invites applications from accomplished individuals, irrespective of race, religion, or gender. Details about the currently available positions within the GECF Secretariat can be found on this section of the GECF website. Opportunities at the Secretariat are categorized under "Member Countries", "All nationalities", and "Residents in Qatar", ensuring comprehensive access to information for prospective candidates.

Individuals interested in applying for employment are encouraged to carefully match their academic background and work experience with the requirements of available vacancies.

For the positions that are open for Member Country nationals, candidates should approach the Executive Board member of their respective Member Countries.

For vacancies that are open for all nationalities, candidates can apply by completing the Application Form, and submitting it via


The purpose of the GECF Internship Program is to offer students and university graduates a unique hands-on opportunity to gain practical experience within an intergovernmental organisation.

Internship opportunities in this program are available for citizens or residents of the State of Qatar who are currently enrolled in a university or equivalent tertiary institution and are at least 18 years old. Details are advertised in this section.

Guidance for Applicants:

We only review applications for positions that have been advertised. It is important to note that the GECF does not request any payment at any stage of the application and review process.


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No career opportunities currently available.

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